Christ Church Methodist, Long Eaton

Welcome message

This website was  setup in 2004 by the late Helen Talmage who wrote it and made provision for its continuation. It has served us faithfully until recently but has now begun to show signs of its age and seeks an honourable retirement. Here is what Helen wrote as an introduction to the first website:-

Hello and welcome to Christ Church, well the virtual Christ Church anyway. We hope you find your visit to our website useful and informative. We will keep our introduction short, and we want to base it around three words from our opening sentence.

Welcome. This is what we hope you will find if you are able to visit us in the real world.  We thought long and hard about how to say this next bit, could we say we’re a bag, of mixed nuts, perhaps not.  How about, a bag of pick ‘n’ mix, no, don’t think so. Maybe a forest? Ah, now may be we’re getting somewhere. You will find that at Christ Church we have a wide variety of folk who worship God here, and we try to accommodate, and accept each others tastes as to how we do that. Like a forest some are oak, some ash, some birch, etc. some are young, some are more mature, but we are all trees, and we hope our diversity means that whichever you are, you will find a warm welcome here. Like trees we all point the same way, upwards to the heavens which brings us to our next word.

Christ.  At Christ Church our focus is about being disciples of Jesus, or Christ if you prefer, and all that entails.  This is about worship, prayer, serving the community, but most of all, trying our hardest (and recognizing when we fail) to show the love of God for everybody through our every day words and actions – just as Jesus did. This brings us to our final word.

Church.  Yes we have a lovely building, but that is not the church. The church is the people who worship here. The community of the faithful is the church, and it is people who matter to us. Not just those who are already part of our community, but all people. So if you are missing being part of a community, why not come and join us. If you feel that something important is missing in your life, let us share what we think is important with you. If you are beginning a journey with God, why not let us walk with you. If you don’t even know if God is there, why not come and look with us.  The great thing is you don’t have to believe, and you don’t have to behave to belong to the community of God’s people. 

God’s peace be with you.