Worship Committee

A brief overview

Who are we?  Well we are just an ordinary bunch of Christians who meet around 5 times a year and who happen to have a like-minded interest in the quality of worship here at Christ Church

What do we do? At each meeting we organize the Call to Worship for the following couple of months. On four of the meetings we are required to complete the Preaching Plan for the following quarter by entering details of special services such as Praise, Toddler, Bereavement, Elderly/Housebound etc together with our requirements for specific named preachers for such service.

Another of our duties is to reflect on the success or failure of Services whilst trying to gauge the reaction to the more modern types of service and worship at Christ church in general.

Aims and objectives?  Our main aim and objectives as a committee is to ensure that our worship meets all tastes and requirements. The services need to be balanced so that all of our congregation can be reached. If all our Services consisted of new songs with guitar sand drums then there would be some who would gain nothing, similarly sticking rigidly to the old with hymns using outdated language would give nothing to others. We need to experiment with the new whilst not forgetting the old. The Committee try to get the balance right.